Misc parts list 11

filter mat kit sa.196.1746
splash protection plate 42.030.325F/01
guard cover zd.235-440-01-00
guide frame a1.650.044S/05
trough 71.010.191/K01
washup tray 22.024.010
guard zd.2165-240-00-01
button pad sp52 g4.090.912/02
washer 00.250.0184
washer 00.250.0603
straight pin 00.500.0150
tapered pin 00.500.0087
straight pin 00.500.0669
countersunk screw 00.500.0163
tapered pin 00.500.0039
tapered pin 00.500.0012
pin 00.500.0065
allen screw 00.500.0631
straight pin 00.500.0302

straight pin 00.500.0145
allen screw 00.500.0577
screw 00.500.0767
tapered pin 00.500.0035
countersunk screw 00.500.0166
tapered pin 00.500.0095
tapered pin 00.500.0336
straight pin 00.500.0115
screw 00.500.0608
tapered pin 00.500.0055
tapered pin 00.500.0048
pin 00.500.0272
tapered pin 00.500.0021
straight pin 00.500.0375
pin 00.500.0500
washer 00.510.0365
washer 00.510.0507
washer 00.510.0366
grub screw 00.510.0438
washer 00.510.0430
headless screw 00.510.0064
shim ring 00.510.0364
washer 00.510.0418
washer 00.510.0371
circlip 00.510.0297
hex nut 00.510.0611
circlip 00.510.0505

circlip 00.510.0150
quickmaster paddle a1.017.412/03
allen screw 00.520.0610
allen screw 00.520.1269
allen screw 00.520.2236
allen screw 00.520.2353
allen screw 00.520.0725
allen screw 00.520.0277
hex nut 00.520.0429
screw 00.520.0396
allen screw 00.520.0456
allen screw 00.520.2251
allen screw 00.520.0281
allen screw 00.520.2387
allen screw 00.520.1982
hex screw 00.520.0777
shim ring 00.520.3069
shim ring 00.520.1395
headless screw 00.520.0489
hex screw 00.520.1404
allen screw 00.520.3180
shim ring 00.520.2716
allen screw 00.520.2175
circlip 00.520.1624
headless screw 00.520.2466
shim ring 00.520.2396
self-locking nut 00.520.0873

hex nut 00.520.0911
allen screw 00.520.2826
hex screw 00.520.1896
hex screw 00.520.1626
headless screw 00.520.2460
hex screw 00.520.2831
bolt 00.520.0742
allen screw 00.520.2394
allen screw 00.520.2295
headless screw 00.520.1931
allen screw 00.520.0298
hex bolt 00.520.0343
hex screw 00.520.0378
hex screw 00.520.0385
screw plug 00.520.2214
shim ring 00.520.1817
hex screw 00.520.0741
hex screw 00.520.0458
shim ring 00.520.1315
hex screw 00.520.0855
hex nut 00.520.0909
hex screw 00.520.1111
shim ring 00.520.2552
grooved pin 00.530.0954
grooved pin 00.530.0961
grooved pin 00.530.0760
grooved pin 00.530.0504

pin 00.530.0741
spring pin 00.530.0346
angle 00.530.0177
socket 00.530.0416
grooved pin 00.530.0407
pin 00.530.0565
washer 00.530.0951
spring pin 00.530.0818
grooved pin 00.530.0763
washer 00.530.0021
spring pin 00.530.0253
spring pin 00.530.0920
washer 00.530.1097
grooved pin 00.530.1152
spring pin 00.530.0972
pin 00.530.0379
spring pin 00.530.1342
strap 00.530.1163
tapered pin 00.540.0693
screw 00.540.1330
tapered pin 00.540.0529
countersunk screw 00.540.0478
allen screw 00.540.0070
screw 00.540.1068
tapered pin 00.540.0307
pin 00.540.0413
tapered pin 00.540.0194

allen screw 00.540.2112
allen screw 00.540.0865
pin 00.540.0593
tapered pin 00.540.0920
allen screw 00.540.0973
tapered pin 00.540.0913
tapered pin 00.540.0083
screw 00.540.0966
washer 00.540.0600
allen screw 00.540.1432
safety washer 00.540.0824
allen screw 00.540.0862
HEX HEAD SCREW 00.580.3745
screw 00.580.4677
hex screw 00.580.4681
fillister screw 00.580.6261
nutring 00.580.3961/01
screw 00.580.4722
reducing valve 00.580.5102
pipe clip 00.580.0840
washer 00.580.1137
circlip 00.580.2123
pin 00.580.5225
hex screw 00.580.5914
blind rivet 00.580.4347
o-ring 00.580.4259
union nut 00.580.4470

o-seal 00.580.4852
threaded insert 00.580.2186
headless screw 00.580.2127
grooved pin 00.580.4139
spring pin 00.580.2805
safety washer 00.580.1059
hose clamp 00.580.4764
fillister screw 00.580.5013
shim m2.072.225/A
shim m1.072.240/01
hose clamp 00.530.0935
shim m2.072.216/c
torsion spring c9.887.006
coller g6.583.360/04
hose clamp 00.530.0633
guide roller zd.235-354-01-00
hose clamp 00.580.5493
washer 14.232.030
adjusting screw 22.010.036
washer 36.016.094
washer 00.550.0071
retainer ring 00.550.0393

SPRING ROD 42.013.037
washer o.s. 43.009.513/01A
washer 55.006.046

spring 66.011.065
pin 66.028.035
headless screw 66.028.318
key 82.030.318/02
nut 91.010.358
rubber bushing 91.016.541
bolt c4.005.503/02
bolt c4.005.504/02
shaft l2.204.168/01
dowel screw l4.014.010
rivet fg.0000-s02-0401
pin c2.015.356
pin a1.030.608
allen screw c8.010.415
shim m1.072.242/01
hex screw mp.5830751/00
washer L2.072.155/01
bush r2.015.411
pin M2.033.074/01
pin m4.017.014/01
screw fg.440-0008
pin c9.015.813
screw 6g.706.035/01
spacer sleeve c2.516.138
shim m2.072.239/01A

screw a1.630.203
washer l2.072.154/01
washer fg.142/007
washer fg.121-0076
wing screw g4.581.402
screw fg.22754
nut c9.014.826
bolt fg.20092
screw c3.581.625
washer fg.008-0486
screw fh.0000127/00
screw c4.313.112/01
washer f2.022.045

complete 4th inking
roller yellow
sheet guide plate 66.849.019/02
sheet guide plate 66.849.018/02
pin zd.2164-254-00-01
allen screw zd.2221-820-15-00
fillister screw zd.2220-380-13-00
screwed socket zd.280-014-01-00
washer zm.003350
pin zd.2164-363-00-01
washer zd.200-159-05-00
headless screw zd.200-146-03-00
washer zd.200-537-09-00
guide shaft zd.2144-777-01-00
headless screw zd.225-389-01-00

washer zd.200-638-04-00
circlip zn.000415007
circlip 00.510.0086
countersunk screw zd.2224-150-06-00
pin zd.224-140-01-00
pin zd.2143-373-01-00
screw zd.223-468-02-00
washer pp.05793491
circlip zn.000316035
hex screw zd.203-991-02-00
circlip zn.000316122
screw zd.222-416-04-00
washer zn.000412186
washer zd.200-155-02-00
washer zn.000317044
screw zd.2220-380-17-00
hex nut zd.200-063-08-00
countersunk screw pp.00166197
washer zd.2220-580-03-00
washer zd.200-630-01-00
washer zn.000364017
sheet stop c8.887.047
support bar 91.008.303/02
drip pan 42.431.233
dampening pan hook
type 69.030.361F/01
dampening pan gto52 69.030.361s/02A
trough 61.010.191S

WASHUP TRAY 43.010.192F/02
wash-up tray 36.010.191F/K02
wash-up tray mv.019.214
wash-up tray 38.010.191F/K02
guard 79.021.020F/K01
wash up tank 81.205.602f

oscillation lever 71.010.135

motor holder 93.007.902
lever 71.008.017
rod 71.008.018/a
support bar 53.007.523/1b

support bar c4.007.923
support bar 93.007.923
base plate c8.007.902

assembly c4.012.021
lever c4.012.035/05C
support 91.017.735C/03
91.017.743 plate
cover 42.002.214/1a
connecting rod a1.019.044/c
support o.s. c3.010.102M/03
connecting rod 61.008.307
swing arm 61.008.306/a

sliding lever c6.020.180/01

flange o.s. 93.015.105/01c
flange d.s. 93.015.098/01C

guide bar d.s. 63.030.574/C

guide piece o.s. s8.205.011G/01
guide piece d.s. s8.205.002G/01
swivel lever 03.022.037/2b

handle rod support bolt 66.012.082/01
adjusting screw 93.014.015/b
lever assembly m2.013.223/03
cam m2.013.219/07
delivery segment for
sm102 c4.014.650f

pair of lever cams 66.013.044/1e
cam lever 66.013.074/1e
lever 66.012.009
lever 71.010.074C

double lever 93.012.007G/2c

lever 66.030.002/h
lever 66.030.005
oscillation lever 66.010.134/f
stop lever 03.019.003/04
oscillation lever 66.010.405
cam lever 66.023.002/a
cylinder shell c4.005.502
lever 71.010.301
support/2 different
tilting lever 55.016.072/01
lever 93.012.164/m
lever 66.016.216/c
ratchet pawl 66.016.505
ratchet pawl 66.016.505D/c
chain guide 66.017.109
chain guide 66.017.110
lever 66.028.029R
lever 66.028.030
lever 66.028.068

support d.s. c5.016.601
support o.s. c5.016.602
support 66.017.317/c
support 81.205.010

lever 81.205.016/01
lever 81.205.016/05
lever 93.205.032/E
plate 81.205.003/01
support 81.205.008/01
support 81.205.007/01
lever 93.010.136D/01
lever 93.010.135/1c

swivel m2.205.101c/01
eyebolt 66.010.120/c

double lever c4.012.007/05
control lever 66.012.037/1a
handle rod support bolt 66.012.082/01
roller lever c4.012.008c/a
roller lever c4.012.009c/b

claw 82.030.315/02
plate 82.030.501/03
support 81.205.010

mv.022.500/new #
lever 66.012.009/i

cam 66.030.042/e
control lever 08.004.031/b

support d.s. c8.400.401M/03
support o.s. c8.400.402M/02
support spring C4.012.081/c

cam disc 66.016.226
cam c4.372.006
gear 91.431.142
angle c4.805.010

chain guide 66.521.109
chain guide 66.521.110

pin 81.205.023/02
rotary knife a1.169.1521
plug socket 00.780.0692

clamp 43.007.401F
clamp 72.458.705f
clamp 72.458.705f/c
clamp 72.458.701f/01
clamp 42.353.732F/m01
clamp mv.021.986/04
clamp mv.021.986/01
shaft 71.030.251/01
drop tube 61.010.170s/02/new
blast tube 91.030.301/02

finger protecting bar 43.033.008
finger protecting bar k4.033.502f/01
lever 93.024.009
GTO 52 LEAD, 220MM,
center adjust
hub 55.016.045
support 55.014.041/e

support 66.017.317/a
crank 42.015.109

support 91.017.735/k03
91.017.743 plate
blast tube 93.330.001f
pull rod 55.019.004
lever 55.008.039
stop lever 05.019.003
shaft 91.015.480f
cam lever 28.019.019
gear 93.205.043
journal box 71.010.041 JOUR.
71.010.033 SWIVEL.
journal box 71.010.035 JOUR.
71.010.027 SWVEL.

flanged bushing a1.011.013
sprocket wheel 66.014.028/3a
gear 55.016.044
washer 55.016.043

gear 26.010.279/e
shaft c4.372.309
segment c4.014.050/e
segment 76.014.010/b
flange a1.650.076/04
KEY WAY c4.014.082
gripper cam c4.014.040/c
adjusting worm gear
complete 71.010.069
support complete C4.320.210F
coating unit gear c4.721.057
gear 81.205.020

chain guide c4.014.086
chain guide c4.014.047
chain guide c4.014.046
chain guide c4.014.044
chain guide c4.014.045

chain guide c4.014.052
chain guide c4.014.097
chain guide c6.014.999
chain guide c6.014.958
adjusting disc 58.022.078
cam 93.005.304

cam 53.013.060
gear 66.006.012

gripper cam 91.581.004/F
cam 93.005.004
cam 93.011.055
cam 93.011.056
cam 48.011.022/b
cam 66.012.017/a
cam 71.010.115

rod 71.008.018/a
lever 71.008.019/01
lever 86.010.078D/2a
lever 86.010.080D/2b
lever 86.030.002/c
lever 86.030.004
oscillation lever 86.010.405/a
disengaging cam 86.030.048

water form roller
pillow block c5.017.354/a
support c5.016.240/03
D.S. O.S.
roller guide rail 91.010.003D
lever c4.313.206/1a
oscillation lever 71.010.135
pull rod 66.010.115
gear shaft assembly 81.205.019/k04
gear shaft assembly 81.205.019

segment 71.005.247/1b

gripper pad rail 82.005.011/01

gear 66.007.022/a
gear 53.072.011/a
gear 53.580.070/f
gear assembly 08.007.276
GEAR 08.014.029/c
sprocket wheel 76.014.026
stop o.s. mv.022.966
torsion bar spring 38.013.026
rod 53.005.031
guide plate 91.014.156/A
shaft 63.000.017
gripper shaft with
42.581.046 lever
]42.581.046 on shaft
shaft 43.011.032/K01
wash-up blade 91.025.178
rail 76.010.179/07

washer 86.033.043

latch 51.030.053/c
chain guide c4.014.054
side plate o.s. mv.029.921/04
o-seal 00.580.5275
washer c4.721.044
hex nut 00.540.0232
washer c4.721.046
lever d.s. mv.016.791/01
diaphragm m5.148.2052
washer 00.580.0196
sheet smoother 42.016.069f
lever 42.022.124/B

strap 93.014.702/M
limit switch 212979

bracket 66.849.026G/01
bracket 66.849.027G/01
driver d.s. c5.072.205/A
support o.s. c5.072.228/01
guide lever 66.028.015R/02
housing d/s c5.072.201/04
housing o/s c5.072.202/04
handle rod support bolt 66.012.082/1e
lever 76.013.601

lever 38.010.374
pull rod 08.010.372/A
support c4.475.030
lever mv.006.244
screw 202755
guide stop d.s. 22.010.001S
guide plate 02.010.047F
chain guide o.s. 08.014.019/01A
chain guide d.s. 08.014.018/01A
chain guide 08.014.098F/01
lever 08.010.405
sucker bar 69.016.017F
shaft mv.018.164
lever 08.012.008/A
BRACKET 38.015.055/2c
cam 28.001.014

roller lever 08.012.071/B
gear segment 08.012.017
cross bar 08.010.136
KOR 10136

shaft 38.013.047/k02
shaft mv.020.267
cross bar mv.019.255
sheet stop mv.018.730

paper stop 38.015.086F/k04

GEAR 08.010.116/c
GEAR 08.014.050
chain guide curved 08.014.049
shaft mv.019.250
lever 53.205.043D/02

pillow block 63.030.591D
socket wrench 36 iches
long special 71.024.134

control lever 86.012.037/D
roller lever 63.030.592c/b
eyebolt 66.010.120r
lever 93.010.136/A
support 66.017.317C/c
spring rod 01.007.008/k05
support 58.022.077
vibrator roller journal
box o.s.
vibrator roller journal
box 43.030.203
water gasket MV.027.163
sheet guide 38.015.071F/02
ratchet wheel mv.017.980
wrench 00.520.0224
wrench 00.520.1024
CASTING W/CAM 24.010.022

CLAMPING PIECE 08.010.102/k01
electronic box f7.170.1102/
worm gear
cable c2.118.1308/06
compressed-air control
unit 00.580.3987
transformer f4.101.1171/
transformer f4.101.1191/
connecting line cable f2.147.7736/01
connecting line cable f2.147.7034/05
connecting line cable f2.147.7036/05
connecting line cable f2.147.1721/01
sensor assembly mv.050.239/04
connecting cable c3.147.9310/
support for rod handle c2.421.302s/
shaft assembly mv.001.045
connecting cable f2.147.7744/03
connecting cable f2.147.7742/02
connecting cable egkz f2.147.7733/05
cable set rs232 zu ps2 f2.179.4115/
connecting line f2.147.7741/02
connecting line f2.147.7745/02
connecting cable f2.147.7743/03
connecting cable f2.147.7737/03
conneting cable egkz f2.147.7732/03
limit switch with cable c2.145.1931
limit switch with cable c2.145.1921
valve plug with cable c2.147.1161

cable sensor assembly
pneumatic cylinder 00.580.1241
expansion valve f8.170.3110/
sensor c3.147.1361/02
simatic 85 c7.170.0331
interference suppresor l2.187.2136/
touch sensitive screen r2.146.9201/01
potentiometer complete m6.170.2021/01
connecting cable m4.145.2561/01
connecting cable
11m2x1 m4.145.1761/01
blower line c5.017.303/02
valve mv.029.974
connecting line/huge
cable L6.170.0961
blower tube m3.205.216/01
distributor mv.024.364/01
air distributor tube m5.164.0007
light complete m5.117.1501/02
limit switch m6.147.7271
connecting cable
connecting cable
15E9:X1 m4.127.1361
connecting cable m6.145.2221
polar monitar 030966
056842r/same kit
040338 board that
front edge r2.007.101
roller 216-030-BG-03
false clamp 017623

angle f2.245.221
angle f2.102.1905
support f4.515.942
control lever f7.017.741/01
support d.s. f4.714.450S
sprocket wheel f2.017.139/01
chain f5.017.154
tensioner f7.017.745/02
pin f2.017.532
guide plate f7.017.744
compression spring f2.581.426
switching element f7.017.706/01
eccentric bolt f2.020.046/05
eprom f2.102.2015
eprom f2.102.1995
pin f2.022.015/02
plate spring f4.514.555/01
plate f3.006.643/02
bush f2.016.166
spring f2.583.396
support f2.028.235/02
support f2.028.238
nut f2.028.155/01
suction tape unit
forkhead f4.515.033/07

rotary spindle f7.017.717/01
spacer f4.514.554
sheet support 22.015.244
shaft complete 22.019.094F/A
bolt d.s. 22.030.087F

revolving knob 22.023.011

connecting link 22.011.059
tension spring 22.019.106/A
bin 22 22.205.169/D
pin 22.030.081
gripper holder 22.011.201
spring holder 22.017.106
bolt o.s. 22.030.088F
snap lever 22.017.078S/c
SPRING 22.205.170
collar 22.007.077
angle piece d.s. 22.017.148S
eccentric 22.013.016/01

complete 22.030.049F
bush 22.009.026
roller 22.014.536s
protective cap 22.040.061
bevel gear 22.015.004/M
locking disc 22.006.041S/01

chain gripper 22.014.005
ink fountain roller 22.008.001/01
wheel support 22.011.015
journal box d.s.
complete 22.030.501F/01
connecting line 22.107.1361
guard 22.207.003
positioning foil 22.024.018
side plate o.s. 22.030.002S/01A
base plate 22.007.035
plate 22.007.039S
swing lever 22.030.411S/02
gear 22.030.022
guide block 22.030.092
SPRING 22.040.069
strap 22.033.206
guide strap c6.015.841
spacer c8.007.802
plate c5.043.257
swivel lever mv.018.828
brush c6.516.818
spring c9.214.510
operating lever c5.100.024
pillow block c8.458.750/03
plate c6.515.363
connecting link c4.033.509/02
pin c5.721.819
guide strap c4.312.506/

collar c4.005.215
pin c4.313.229
support c5.017.313
diaphragm c4.721.703
distance sleeve c5.017.145
plate spring c4.006.511
bolt c4.416.108/01
connection c9.214.506S
guiding sleeve c8.450.006
angle piece c6.020.009/01
adjusting spindle c4.372.043
hook support c5.421.702S/01
cap c2.117.1510
pin c5.016.209/01
stop c7.015.836
gear c8.007.206
tube c4.721.094
threaded bushing c5.016.416
rubber pad c5.017.444
flange c5.072.257/03
bracket for footboard c6.621.403
sheet catcher c6.015.822/01
holder c6.315.003S
distance sleeve c4.721.060N
flat gasket c4.021.007
gasket c4.721.727
o-seal c4.721.725

pin c4.725.021
pipe clip c4.002.145
bushing c4.033.506/01

adjusting screw c5.072.232/01
angle joint c7.129.1736
seat board c4.721.504
plate c7.090.9004/01
driver c5.016.136
connection c9.214.505S
adjusting cam c5.006.659
adjusting spindle c5.017.355/01
hose nozzle c7.419.010/01
gripper bar sm74 mv.016.831/
support plate mv.029.223/04
guide plate l6.212.501s
gripper bar mv.016.040
light barrier c5.100.028
switch c5.100.033
star segment only mv.024.691
swing arm mv.018.848
lever mv.001.141
hookbar (pair) mv.018.896
tube mv.033.763
hookbar (pair) mv.018.894
fork lever mv.018.787

lever mv.025.528
lever arm complete mv.018.817
spacer c8.007.801/02
threaded insert c5.196.0151
guide strap complete c6.020.191F
sheet support c4.313.120/03
drilling jig c5.516.119
support c4.721.095
double chain sprocket c5.521.131
snap lever 22.004.112/D
bolt 22.030.429/01
knurled head screw 22.013.034
cover 22.030.041
clamp wedge 22.030.483
eccentric bolt 22.007.048F
spring 22.016.036
buffer 22.006.015/B
swivel lever 22.030.013F/M
timing disc 22.004.040
rod 22.030.435
paper guiding stream 22.014.550F/01
bolt 22.019.091
adjusting knob mv.018.772
cross bar m9.804.003
clamp shaft front edge m2.006.007/06
rod m2.014.054
hickey remover 22.014.525/01B

clamp bar m6.488.015S
roller 22.203.364
shaft complete 22.015.006F
sheet jogger mv.024.573/01
shaft mv.025.831/01
guide shaft 22.017.326F
guide mv.035.220
bar m5.212.404/01
guide piece d.s. m2.017.080S/01
shaft complete m2.015.530F
rod m2.212.102/02
jogger complete c6.889.336f
lifting sucker mv.039.096/01
lifting sucker mv.039.095/
jogger control mv.026.066/06
pnuematic cylinder m4.334.001/01
gripper bar area mv.026.257/05
gear c6.204.016
fixing plate c3.015.411
sprocket wheel c5.521.134

base plate c4.002.532/01
pin c9.415.035
support o.s. c5.043.292/01
spacer c9.415.033/01
fixing piece c5.521.366/03
cover c4.012.047/05

spring bolt c9.415.036
nipple c4.568.011
pin c9.415.034
spacer c4.806.302
plate os c4.521.508/02
support piece c5.521.364

bush d.s. c6.421.302/01
holder d.s. c4.725.013/04
pin c4.204.019
lever c4.726.514
spacer c9.415.032
connecting link c4.721.017
socket c4.721.023
sheet jogger c9.015.818
support disk c4.313.016/02
support disk c4.313.011/02
lever MV.037.814/02
screw c5.721.078
sensor holder ca.721.307S/02
spacer plate c8.633.815
chain guide c4.014.044/01
guide c6.475.518
guide c6.204.902/03
guide piece c7.017.317
sheet support c6.415.208F/A
guide plate c5.521.325

sheet support c9.415.008F
bar c4.522.764
clamp bar upper C5.006.411/05
register bar c8.436.019F
round bar m2.021.739
rod mv.001.084
support c6.421.403S/02
shaft c5.016.205/01
chain guide c5.016.242/01
rod m4.015.031/01
shaft m2.009.203/03
shaft m2.009.223/03
sheet guide mv.026.288
sheet stop complete m2.015.347S/01
support c5.475.905/02
bar m2.472.123
guide rail c4.475.203
string-type compression
spring m2.010.586
chain guide c4.014.087
support plate f2.205.028/04
prong L4.212.504
drive c4.721.004N
toothed belt c6.516.424
shim c6.014.007/01
lever c4.508.712
support c5.016.240/04
plate d.s. c4.726.507

plate o.s. c4.725.008/01
support complete mv.031.122
clamp plate c4.002.533

symbol disc c7.170.2032
drive chain c7.521.368/01
weight piece c6.015.036/01
angle c6.014.010/c

flange m2.015.307/02
sleeve m2.007.527
eccentric bolt m2.072.230/02
bush m3.040.244/01
spacer bushing
complete assembly

control lever mv.034.818
y-shaped tube mv.032.065


oil tube complete mv.031.915
control console plate f2.091.934/01
intermediate plate f2.017.815/03
bracket c6.475.101S/02
guard plate c6.475.535
transfer gripper guard o.
s. c5.533.502S/03
cam guard f2.017.478S/03
bracket o.s. c4.725.006S/04

transfer gripper guard c5.533.501S/03
guard c8.633.611S/08
divider plate 2 c2.017.465S/02
collecting tray c5.721.062S/01
cover d.s. f4.714.271/01
guide piece for hose f2.016.516
screen o.s. l4.814.285S/05
hinged flap o.s. l4.814.380F/03
pnuematic cylinder m4.334.002
guide strap m2.016.230
eccentric bolt m2.015.490
support m8.212.303
support m8.212.305
support m5.212.402
shaft m2.015.310/m
spacer m4.017.105
wedge m3.006.664
side plate m2.472.109S
extension m5.021.511
rod m2.431.416/01
spacer sleeve m2.072.036/02A
cam m2.031.510/03



slowdown assembly mv.014.426/02

set of connecting pieces mv.035.224
hinge mv.034.833
hinge mv.034.832
gripper cam c4.032.065
clamp bolt mv.015.986
motor bracket mv.029.818

union joint for cable m2.147.1411

pin m4.015.013
support m4.017.133/01
pin m2.007.014
cover plate o.s. m1.072.228
cover plate m1.072.228S/05
control bushing m2.004.201/01
clamp m2.144.1082
clamp piece d.s. m2.583.320
cover m2.092.925
swivel lever 22.030.012F/M
BIN 25 22.017.209
shoulder pin 22.050.258
spring 22.004.105
gear 22.011.012/D
stop cock c7.170.0511
BIN 26 00.540.0062
guide rail for drawer 00.580.3193

pin f2.725.101/01
protection grid m2.091.963
edge protection m6.488.405
edge protection m6.488.005
shaft m2.583.329/01

blower tube-feeder plate
d.s. mv.029.206/01

lubricant distributor mv.030.937
support block m2.164.1621
compression spring m2.022.309
end plate m2.144.1162
switch m2.144.3111
compression spring m1.072.229
sleeve m3.205.050/02
support m3.006.662/01
lock nut m5.407.669/01
connecting rod m2.022.353/01
knurled nut m4.017.112
pin m4.015.410
shaft m2.033.013
spacer m2.016.143/01
synchronous disc m2.022.379
washer m2.583.382/01
collar m5.407.629/01
clamp piece m4.205.402/01
seal m2.015.482/01

plug m5.017.324/01
pnuematic cylinder 00.580.1501
sensor mv.040.773/
circuit breaker c7.170.0485
circuit breaker m2.144.3471
motor holder m2.412.512/01B
support m2.014.247F/01
spacer sleeve m2.583.322

spacer piece m2.007.528
roller m5.407.118/01
overload m5.144.3570
plate m2.017.019/02
pulley for toothed belt m4.014.267/01
pair of lamp sockets m2.117.1330
distributor complete
with cable c6.302.403f/01
connecting supply cable c7.170.0323
connecting cable m6.147.7211
connecting cable m2.145.2022/02
gasket m1.072.218/01
knurled screw m2.020.218/02
guide plate m4.015.023
stop bolt m2.205.121
connecting cable m2.112.1321/02
connecting cable m4.147.1181/02
connecting cable m2.145.1361
limit switch c5.100.022/

spacer piece m3.006.511
threaded bushing m5.407.670/01
annular spring m2.164.1631
compression spring m4.581.406
locking pin m5.407.136/02
strap m4.017.134
handle rod m5.407.683
support m6.625.504/01
plexiglass tube m2.164.1876
side plate o.s. m2.205.002/11
pinion gear complete mv.001.046
stop m2.521.030F
control lever mv.018.762
stop d.s. mv.029.185/02
connecting cable c5.100.455
locking device mv.035.187/09
connecting cable flat m6.144.5022/01
connecting cable m2.145.1661/
set of upgrade parts m2.072.213N/M01
standard spare parts mv.030.343
brass wedge mv.032.639/01
socket complete mv.016.460
slide c8.015.839/01
support c6.020.175/01
pull rod c6.015.815
sleeve c7.170.0054
lever c4.313.441

spacer ring c4.204.049
guide piece c5.521.502
threaded sleeve c3.581.107
distributor 00.250.0433
pipe clip 31mm 00.530.0996
gear 00.580.3768
rivet 00.530.0008
PLUG F 15 00.580.0561
packing ring 00.580.3102/01
socket 00.530.0828
screw plug 00.250.0508
threaded nipple 00.580.1655
v-shape ring 00.580.0489
union joint 00.580.2869
inner ring 00.550.0355
spring dowel sleeve 00.540.0254

rivet 00.520.0164
key 00.540.0198

compression spring 00.580.6667
strap 00.250.0126
cam piece 00.580.1964
compression spring 00.580.3465
clamp bar 00.580.0999
cover 22.011.051
threaded bolt o.s. 22.008.019

clamp plate 22.010.067

roller 22.004.113
lever 22.205.127S/
SPRING 22.016.035/C
gripper cam 22.014.041/02

plate spring 22.006.030F
guide pulley 22.014.061/B
1/2 wheel plastic 22.014.062/B
TOK 1462
gear 22.030.082
shaft 22.014.506/01
air supply mv.035.348
damping plate m4.090.306
swivel lever d.s. m2.030.524/05
pull lay housing mv.016.293/02
angle piece mv.018.604
tension roller complete mv.016.899/01
segment o.s. c5.721.004/02
eccentric bolt c6.015.807/01

hose connection c4.721.509
angle bracket c7.090.908/01
support c8.212.353/04
valve bolt c5.043.228

gauge c4.024.105
guide piece c6.015.041
fixing plate c7.090.9003/A
brass distributor c6.204.201/02
pin c5.016.246
cone c5.805.006
adjusting mechanism c2.144.1425

spacer sleeve c4.313.440
angle c6.015.020
fork-shaped piece c4.005.263/01
bracket c7.516.504S
support c6.014.008/01
blower foot c3.015.450/01B
gasket c4.721.726
chain guide c4.014.103
support c8.458.408/03

plate spring c4.006.504
motor bracket c5.016.117/01
sheet steadier c4.028.115/01
support disk c4.005.207
bolt c4.313.210
compression spring c8.458.728
guide roll c5.016.696/01
shim plate c5.017.443F
lever c8.508.711

spacer sleeve c4.313.444
valve seat c5.721.504

sight glass c4.002.531
bushing c2.516.010

eyebolt c5.016.656/01
ball guide c4.721.529
shaft c5.016.692
support nut c5.017.702
cover plate c6.015.044
bolt c6.015.862/01
compression spring c4.313.109
angle c4.012.085
oil wiper plate 91.016.503
technotrans buffer fluid c2.196.6966

tape tensioner complete mv.017.303
00.550.1146 roller

pin mv.017.243
cable tie 00.580.5643
oil seal 00.530.0794
oil seal 00.530.0575
worm gear
lube-free bushing 00.530.1205
key 00.540.0054
BALL 00.540.0226

lube-free bushing 00.580.0950
plug 00.580.0729
knurled nut 00.580.1994
O-RING 00.580.1988
seal 00.580.1440
key 00.540.0039

hex screw 00.520.2185
lube-free bushing 00.580.4374
set collar 00.600.0011
handwheel 00.580.3277
manifold 00.580.0998
tension spring 00.580.6668
key 00.540.1360
insulating sleeve 00.580.4125
grooved 00.580.4126
adjustment kit C5.721.021

perforating disc 00.580.2182
belt 22.050.251
edge protection m6.488.505
tube complete c4.721.036S/07
worm screw c4.721.020
support m2.014.201/06

support c6.921.703/01
pivot lever L4.014.748/M03
distance pin m4.210.502/01
rod c6.014.456/A
chain guide c6.014.943/01
sheet stop c6.887.047S/02A
chain guide c6.014.994
support bar c6.415.401/01
traverse c4.372.046/04B
roller c8.633.803F
support o.s. complete c5.721.202F
pneumatic spring 00.580.1981
lifting sucker tube c4.028.011/01
shaft mv.017.404
clamp eccentric c5.006.417/01
guide piece c6.415.215
fitting strip c8.436.020F/01
chrome plate d.s. c5.016.610/01
fitting strip m2.436.019F/02
guide M4.017.125/02a
support d.s. complete c5.721.201F
BAR M4.017.176/01
threaded bolt sm74 mv.015.918/06
guide plate L4.212.032/01
control shaft mv.018.781
guide bar 00.580.5131
clamp bar mv.026.262/06

spacer plate m2.020.019/01
stop d.s. M4.017.177/01
stop o.s. M4.017.178/01
oscillation lever m2.010.121
cam c3.005.304
washer m2.583.325/04

eprom c7.170.0554/03
eprom c7.170.0373/01
eprom c7.170.0555/03
switch 22.108.1711
BIN 14 QTY 2
connecting cable m4.145.9401/02
connecting cable m2.145.1862/02
limit switch m6.147.7281/
connecting cable RSK
120 91.144.3123/01
monitaring device m5.148.2050/
hollow screw 00.580.2741
conical socket 00.540.0606
buffer 00.580.0742

tolerance disc 00.580.2589
star knob 00.540.0502
gear 00.580.3542

hollow screw 00.580.0996
tension spring 00.580.6225
knob holder 00.580.1776
stepping motor m5.114.1140
sensor m5.110.1211/
sensor c3.147.1291/03
sensor c3.147.1281/03
sensor c2.161.1411/
connecting cable
dw2 m4.145.3171/
support d.s. mv.023.798/02

front lay complete mv.027.346
cam adjustment mv.016.134/02

sprocket mv.015.920
spring rod guide mv.030.915/04
sheet jogger mv.035.204/01
revolving knob m2.164.1615

rotary union mv.026.096/03
stop lever mv.026.110/03
gear/sprocket m2.017.005/01
spring rod m2.013.202/01
chain deflection pin m2.017.004/01
connecting piece m2.804.006S
powder tube support o.
s. m5.164.0037
polar 115 gear box
gear pump

clamp piece m4.205.402
pin o.s. m2.412.023
transfer gripper cam
support d.s. m2.022.336S/02
bolt m3.040.106/03
support m2.010.304
spacer bolt m5.210.503
strap m2.033.005/01
swivel lever m2.033.301/01
threaded bush m1.072.204/01
eccentric ring m3.040.105/03
clamp m2.221.033/01
spacer m2.015.542
shaft m2.033.059/01
clamp piece m4.205.403
side stop d.s. m2.072.255/03
disengaging bar m2.010.305F/03
plate m2.472.110
support m2.090.9067/01
side plate o.s. m2.205.002/04
bracket d.s. m4.015.458

stop m4.015.037/01
clamp piece m2.072.205/04

hook m2.017.032/01

guide m2.205.320/01
compression spring m4.017.127/01
distance pin m5.210.502
edge protection m6.488.049
stop m4.615.133
powder tube support m5.164.0038

compression spring m2.072.263
control bushing m2.582.282/01
pacer ring m2.033.516
bracket o.s. m4.015.457
compression spring m2.013.203/03
cam shaft complete m3.006.050F/01

magnetic drum m5.110.1192
sheet guide plate m2.072.030n/05
manometer 00.580.1542/
keyboard display g2.090.9010/01
manometer 00.580.5048
connecting line for
compressor m5.147.1931/02
3th43 73e c7.170.0343
contactor m5.114.1561
sheet brake mv.032.656
sheet decurler mv.016.968/09
guide m4.017.104
support bar d.s. m2.007.012/01

extension m4.021.611
rod m2.412.018/01
belt 00.270.0011

air filter 00.580.1159
connecting line xs1052 L2.146.0052/
connecting line m23
-24dw l2.145.1174/02
connecting cable L6.145.2881/
connecting line xy312 L2.145.1114
connecting line xm80 L2.145.1234/
double toothed belt 00.580.1794
connecting line m5.114.2631
toothed belt 00.580.1303
sheet guide strap
CD 74
belt 00.580.1798
belt m5.407.108/01
rubber strip 00.476.0046
v-belt 00.580.3586
moss rubber 00.472.0017
cover plate R2.007.106
control panel complete m5.090.9003/M
spring rod mv.032.256
spring bolt R2.450.110
journal box o.s. mv.037.063
stop mv.002.500/02
fastening angle L4.221.035

lever L2.205.121F/02
lever L2.205.122F/01
pin d.s. L4.814.253/01
support L2.091.274
cover plate L2.017.055/01
strap 00.580.0371
static power box mv.026.3631
sensor switch key 00.580.3239
injector L4.164.1520
angle L4.014.816/02
distance sleeve L2.016.249
compression spring L2.013.056/01
gripper L4.014.718/04
lever d.s. L4.017.211/03
clutch half L3.040.004/01
reducer L2.832.866
block L4.014.061
trip ring L3.040.006/02
leg spring R2.007.188
lever R2.450.105S/01
connecting link A1.004.020
notch lever A1.010.040S/01
spacer d.s. 72.458.716
guide rail L4.014.502/02
telescopic rail 00.580.4810
hose clamp 200mm L6.170.1291
pneumatic pipe (roll) 00.471.0157

hose coupling 00.250.0790
pnuematic cylinder a4.334.006/01
hose (roll) 00.471.0090
hose pipe 00.591.0340
flat cable connection
(ribbon) 53.144.5002
cd-rom sm74 M5.114.1345/01
cd-rom m5.114.3052
BIN 14 22.110.1372
motor starter pk.147.9141
axial fan M2.115.2431
metal disc 00.580.1019
handwheel 00.580.1355
retrofit kit c2.144.1420
guide pin m2.205.050/01
coupling 00.580.2800
lubricant distributor w/
pile mv.030.935
support collar mv.016.446/02
chain 00.540.0859

rail L2.472.130
clamp device L2.007.037
support mv.039.292/03
chain guide complete L4.014.055/M
valve support base 00.580.2240

gasket tube 00.591.0058
gear 00.580.0688
shaft seal 00.530.0118
key 14x9x36 00.540.1190
bushing 00.580.1283
plug 00.580.0568
key 00.540.0051
ball handle E32 00.510.0494
rubber buffer 00.591.0287
bush 00.530.0762
hose clamp 00.530.1308
worm gear 00.580.3543
spring 00.580.7281
plug F 232 00.580.0566
flow indicator valve
vogel 00.250.0933/
geared pump 00.250.0774
coater pump
motorassembly m2.148.1031/
clutch 00.580.1215
transformer m4.101.1091/01
ball valve 00.580.1456/
circuit breaker l6.170.0983
retrofit kit with valves mv.051.811
key 10x8x50 00.540.0366
key 10x8x35 00.540.0133
conical socket 00.540.0017
key 00.540.0257
clamping element 00.580.1217

oil seal 00.530.0801
collar 00.600.0020
pipe clips 00.580.5318
cold rolled strip 00.341.0087
clamp bolt 00.580.1065
compression spring 00.580.5659
lock collar 00.530.0075
hose clamp 00.580.5092
key 00.540.0365
guide chain 00.580.5794
compression spring 00.580.5770
compression spring 00.580.5840
cable protecting sleeve 00.580.5380

seal 00.530.0174
roller bracket L2.022.234/08A
trip cam L4.014.729/01
covering sleeve L4.016.404
socket d.s. L2.007.064/03
driving bolt L2.010.157

retainer plate L8.005.010/02
pin d.s. M4.205.065/M
tap 00.580.5052
valve c6.302.502/04
pull lay set g2.110.2581/m01
pillow block m2.011.115f/01a

compressed air control
unit L8.170.1516
shaft complete M2.015.431F/07
LEVER C2.144.1422
combined spraying and
cleaning blade C6.204.022S/03
sheet stop C6.015.347S/02
fitting strip c8.436.016f/01
bar MV.016.154/05
chain guide c4.014.045/01
stop bar M4.017.023/01
copper tube C4.721.093
chain sprocket shaft
complete mv.028.097/01
support bar c5.017.303/02
blanket clamp c4.006.635f
decurler MV.030.005
control shaft C3.005.221/02
clamp M4.205.413/01
distributor M2.072.501
module mother board g2.144.1011
touch screen sm74 m5.146.9213/03
bar C5.533.507S
ink vibrator shaft MV.030.415
pressing bar
side plate sm52 g2.205.012/01
support profile M2.205.010/04
backplane MV.057.435
perforating unit support G2.732.010F/02

stop lever M2.582.295

shaft MV.031.565
support d.s. MV.029.563/03
numbering cam M2.431.322/E
sprocket wheel m2.017.013f/m
guide strap M6.488.002/02
chain guide c4.014.020/03
sucker bar complete MV.025.556
segment inside G2.582.263
pointer G2.016.283/05
spacer ring G2.028.058/01

rod G2.010.120/01
washer G2.014.909
support G2.205.214S/03B
sheet guide strap G2.212.001/02
holder G2.013.211/01C
support G2.022.405/01
pin o.s. G2.412.013
intermediate ring G2.582.262
sensor holder G2.033.215/04
cable complete with
blast tube G2.028.004/02
plate G2.010.512/02
spacer G2.583.373/02
collar G2.030.203
switch G1.156.3171

chain g2.015.550/01
guide piece o.s. G2.205.218/01
lever G2.022.111/02
shim G2.582.261

lever G2.028.050/05
connecting bolt G2.028.053/05
plug G2.144.8004/01
guide piece d.s. G2.205.213/02
bush G2.015.026/01
journal box d.s. G2.010.025/10

worm gear complete G2.030.026F/03

spring G2.010.509
gripper cam G4.011.904/01
guide ring G2.205.016/02
FRONT LAY HEAD G2.022.112/03
spindle MV.025.624
support G2.015.125/02
gear pin g2.205.107
lever G2.205.212S/03B
socket G2.009.304/02
tension plate G2.583.324/05
support G6.016.303/01
clutch shaft G2.582.505/03
shim G2.582.259

bush G2.008.501/01
pin G2.022.245/01
pin G2.205.211
gear G2.030.312/02
shaft G2.014.857
support G2.022.241
thermostat G4.170.0305
sleeve G2.431.304/01
catcher G2.022.242
pin G2.450.109/01
socket complete G2.014.107F/01
spacer L2.582.514
washer L2.582.516
guide strap o.s. L2.072.270/01
guide strap d.s. L2.072.170/01

support L4.014.727/03
bracket L3.040.031/04
flange L2.582.505
distance sleeve L2.582.507
sleeve L3.040.002/03
spring L2.010.121/01
adapter sleeve L2.582.515/01
distance plate L4.015.707

clamp complete G2.005.027f

rod G2.431.501
torsion bar spring G2.011.127
bottom plate clamp G2.007.015/01
support bar complete G2.013.006F/01
distance pin G4.021.913/01
support d.s. G2.022.002/01

handle G2.021.204/02
plate o.s. G2.015.008
rod G2.412.118/01
threaded spindle G2.014.855F/M
pin G2.582.812
pull rod G2.020.030
rod G2.015.404/04
cover plate G2.015.571
sheet guide plate d.s. G2.072.072/07
cover plate G2.205.116/06
angle iron C4.726.512/01
cover d.s. G2.028.110S/02
support bar G2.015.572
cover G2.336.001/02
mother board/case f2.146.5021
support plate G2.090.9037/04
feed drum guard MV.029.405
guard M3.033.010S/01
guard M3.033.010S/02

screen o.s. C7.017.411
facing C7.017.309/03
guard M2.021.738
water pan MV.038.563/05
valve control unit mv.051.274
transformer l6.170.0922
label M2.146.9218/01
footstep o.s. M2.221.023S/02
large plastic board 22.017.210/D
cover plate R2.007.106
guard M2.015.050S/04
oil wiper plate M5.407.616/03
control console plate M2.090.9077
cover M4.005.704S/01
fixing plate M4.017.182/02
oil drip pan d.s. M4.014.089S/01
door complete MV.036.714
cover plate C4.726.516/04
funnel L3.043.004F/02
Intake port C9.814.807S
plate M6.488.606
hinged footstep C9.726.001S/A
guard G4.033.331/04B
cover plate o.s. C4.725.003/02
blanket wash rolls sm74

support complete M6.488.035F/02
cover plate M6.170.0321

plate M2.832.004
oil wiper plate M6.488.032/01
cover plate M3.582.560
GUARD M2.015.408/01
guide strap M6.488.002/02
plate M2.004.202
blast tube G2.015.801S/05
tray C5.921.801/01
oil drip pan M4.488.201/01
plate M2.033.071
foot step o.s. C4.725.004S/01
motor m5.114.1140
valve 00.580.5005
cam o.s. MV.036.121
guide piece d.s. L2.205.101/M
driving roller complete L4.014.464
shaft complete MV.025.347/06
guide piece o.s. L2.205.102/M01
pull lay monitor mv.028.368/01
journal box o.s. MV.025.020/08
coupling adapter MV.032.809
weight piece G2.015.539/M
gripper bar MV.025.014/26
gripper bar MV.025.014/08
foil MV.027.477/02
air connection piece g2.020.018/01
oil tube MV.031.076

connection module c7.170.0455/

packing gauge 09.465.101F
screen L2.221.023/01
pulley L4.090.525
bar S9.014.844/01
support 82.008.127
guard plate M2.010.413
pulling device MV.038.169/07
cam M4.511.904/02
gear MV.051.477/01
gear G4.005.870
support C4.721.110/01
positioning foil L2.007.015/01
retro fit kit (guards) c2.017.480n
intermediate guard mv.030.650
flap o/s l6.814.380f/03
technotrans pump g2.196.1856
tank w/ sensor mv.037.388/01
61.127.1511 sensor
static bar m4.18.1326
guard L4.021.006S/01
gear G2.006.012
air connection piece g2.020.018/01
oil drip pan M6.488.801
pivot lever G2.007.021
clamp eccentric G2.005.027S/01

motor m1.101.200
geared motor c5.100.001
blower ebm
has control box attachedc7.170.5321
gaurd mv.036.718
distributor complete 00.250.0886
3/2-way valve 00.580.1470
valve 00.580.3219
safety valve 00.580.5028
solenoid valve 69.147.6054/01
valve C6.305.502/01
cylinder valve unit f7.335.001/01
pressure regulator G2.334.005/01
clutch bushing 00.250.1014/01
3-way distributor 00.580.5172
pneumatic cylinder 00.580.3939
connection plate 00.580.3361
support bar complete G2.335.008/02
switch m2.147.7281/
lenze d-31855
type ezf1-009a002 390304 art nr.
valve unit complete G2.335.004/02
valve unit complete G2.335.033/02
connecting cable m4.145.1171/02
safety switch m5.110.1173/02
limit switch l-s41 m5.148.2061/04
limit switch m4.145.1182/03
distance sleeve m2.005.012/02

manometer 00.580.7333
connecting cable m2.145.1651/
electronic black box
az106zvrk-1814 m6.145.1091
connecting cable m5.114.1178/01
connecting cable/PLUG ma.145.1191
connecting cable m2.145.1772/
rotary union
deublin valve 00.580.1583
EMV-S03 A30-10/8Z
24V DC 1.8W
screw plug 00.520.1827
blind plug 00.520.2589
elbow 00.530.0175
elbow 00.530.0107
t-distributor 00.530.0102
elbow 00.530.0065
plug 00.530.0195
elbow 00.530.0316
reducer 00.530.0472
t-piece 00.530.0474
reducer 00.530.0437
nipple joint 00.530.0484
reducer 00.530.0436
socket 00.530.0498
joint 00.250.0172
connecting piece 00.250.1005
distributor 00.250.0982/01
plug screw 00.250.0273
t-piece 00.250.0568

distributor 00.250.1083/01
t-piece 00.250.0105
connecting piece 00.250.0731
round elbow 00.250.1006
metering nipple 00.250.1031
connecting piece 00.250.0047
t-piece 00.250.0099
swivel joint 00.580.1105
threaded joint 00.580.1223
sleeve 00.580.1350
threaded joint 00.580.1398
union joint 00.580.1106
throttle valve 00.580.1547
one-way restrictor 00.580.1471
one-way restrictor 00.580.1582
union joint 00.580.1589
blind plug 00.580.1554
banjo connection 00.580.1550
elbow 00.530.0944
elbow 00.530.1112
reducing nipple 00.530.1156
reducer 00.530.1117
elbow 00.530.1124
nipple 00.540.0763
reducer 00.540.0716
nipple 00.540.0962
elbow 00.540.1104

plug screw 00.580.0705
shuttle valve 00.580.0991
screwed socket 00.580.0710
plug 00.580.0115
twin nipple 00.580.0860
t-piece 00.530.0549
elbow 00.530.0540
socket 00.530.0591
t-piece 00.530.0547
double junction 00.530.0550
twin nipple 00.530.0592
t-piece 00.530.0503
twin nipple 00.530.0594
connecting piece 00.530.0664
elbow 00.530.0885
elbow 00.530.0965
socket 00.530.0901
reducer 00.530.1076
t-piece 00.530.1005
twin elbow 00.530.0945
hose nozzle 00.580.2621
union joint 00.580.3070
connection piece 00.580.3049
union joint 00.580.3071
plug 00.580.3047
union joint 00.580.3117
connecting piece 00.580.3113

union joint 00.580.2306
hose nozzle 00.580.2281
hose tap 00.580.2140
nozzle 00.580.2190
union joint 00.580.2564
union joint 00.580.2565
distributor 00.580.2572
union joint 00.580.2793
union joint 00.580.2858/01
blind plug 00.580.1422
30-120 00.580.1665
nipple 00.580.1816
hose nozzle 00.580.1889
hose nozzle 00.580.1730
banjo JOINT 00.580.2301
swivel joint 00.580.2051
union joint 00.580.2111
threaded joint 00.580.2273
plug 00.580.2341
union joint 00.580.3373/01
pipe joint 00.580.3269
hose connection 00.580.3216
swivel screw connection 00.580.3618
hose nozzle 00.580.3229
eprom chips c7.170.0856/01
eprom chips c7.170.0372/01
swivel screw
connection 00.580.4551

tube coupling 00.580.4320
hose connection 00.580.4241
union joint 00.580.4132
T-piece 00.580.4400
T-piece 00.580.4372
banjo connection 00.580.4220
hose coupling 00.580.4539
union joint 00.580.4696
reducing nipple 00.580.4757
union joint 00.580.4705/01
hose throttle 00.580.5132
union joint 00.580.5018
union joint 00.580.5015
plug-type hose coupling 00.580.6058
plug-type hose coupling 00.580.6429
union joint 00.580.6444
union joint 00.580.6431
reducing nipple 00.580.6631
plug-type hose coupling 00.580.7836
plug-in nipple 00.580.7641
plug-in nipple 00.580.7642
plug-type hose coupling 00.580.8269
elbow 00.591.0107
union joint 00.591.0286
union joint 00.580.4659
hose coupling 00.580.4957
nozzle 00.580.4626

6-way distributor 00.580.5146
angle hose nozzle 00.580.5432
union joint 00.580.5016
tube coupling 00.580.5898
elbow 00.580.5237
plug-type hose connec 00.580.5973
plug-type hose coupling 00.580.5401
hose throttle 00.580.5830
union joint 00.580.5337
union joint 00.580.5054
reducing valve 00.591.0289
SAFETY VALVE 89.102.1991
lubricating nipple 00.600.0075
lubricating nipple 00.600.0184
ball type lubricating
nipple 00.600.0190
lubricating nipple 00.600.0135
grease nipple 00.600.0081
nipple 00.600.0071
non-return check valve 00.580.3458
tube C4.372.503/02
union joint C2.617.146F
hose nozzle FP.3100215/00
cover FP.3105025/00
plug connection FJ.0510028/01
connecting fitting G2.018.302
3/2-way valve L2.335.072

pnuematic cylinder
DISTRIBUTOR m2.184.1201/03
t-piece M2.272.101F/01
Tube M2.028.210/01
connecting piece M2.007.543/02
packing cord 00.580.0734
edge protection m6.488.302
round cord 00.580.0760
rubber sealing 00.472.0064
hose 00.471.0049
rubber hose 00.471.0399
hose 00.471.0206
oil tube MV.029.925/01
insulating tube 00.580.6082
oil tube 00.479.0074
hose 00.474.0158
hose coupling 00.250.1138/01
manifold pipe M6.718.202S/01
manifold pipe M6.718.201S
hose MV.033.020/01
hose M5.148.3085
bellows 00.580.1735
connecting cable c3.147.1311/03
hose G4.170.0205
CABLE HARNESS a1.145.9134
hose M5.148.4045
tension spring
1.2×8.8×83 za2.201-353-01-00
toothed belt za2.215-303-27-00

toothed belt za2.215-303-02-00
centering ring za2.219-686-01-00
screw 219-942-01-00
guide rail za2.230-303-13-00
tube za2.231-629-01-00
tube za2.228-507-01-00
connecting cable g4.145.9016/01
connecting cable g4.145.2971/03
connecting cable/large m8.145.1951/03
adapter cable L2.145.7541/01
connecting cable lw-lvg L2.145.1248/
connecting cable 1a21-
x1 L2.142.1931/01
connecting cable g6.145.4191/04
connecting cable g2.145.2022/02
connecting cable g6.145.2865/
connecting cable g5.145.1862/
connecting cable g4.145.9503
connecting cable g6.145.2671/
connecting cable
zm1x2 m4.145.1781/
connecting cable m2.147.1451/
valve za2.234-679-01-00
connecting cable l2.146.6458/
connecting cable switch g2.144.7081/
connecting cable l2.146.6458/

connecting cable g1.145.9401/01
connecting cable g2.145.2081/05
connecting cable L2.145.7066/01
connecting cable g4.145.9514/01
connecting cable g6.145.7721
connecting cable g2.145.2081/05
connecting cable g6.145.6921/
connecting cable g6.145.2161
connecting cable g6.145.2961/01
washer zd.2225-750-04-00
washer zd.200-747-08-00
washer 200-638-04-00
washer 200-636-01-00
connecting cable g2.145.1731/03
hose line 00.250.1125
connecting cable g5.145.2541/
connecting cable g5.145.9412/
connecting cable m5.114.1270/02
connecting cable za3.426.059
connecting cable g2.144.6072
circlip zn.000316135
transport tape zd.200-626-02-00
tape zd.200-624-60-00

chain zd.200-601-70-00
chain zd.200-601-60-00
chain zd.200-601-64-00
toothed belt
130XLK100 zd.203-473-18-00
toothed belt zd.203-473-12-00
roller chain zd.201-372-01-00
cup square bolt zd.201-322-24-00
distance sleeve zd.206-731-27-00
roller chain zd.214-469-be-01
plate zd.219-715-02-00
transport tape zd.220-037-17-00
toothed belt zd.215-303-06-00
toothed belt zd.215-303-04-00
toothed belt zd.215-303-18-00
plug socket zd.215-439-01-00
plug connection zd.215-420-BE-03
tooth lock washer zd.223-931-01-00
guide zd.224-110-01-00
washer 231-293-01-00

pulley zd.231-619-02-00
transport tape zd.225-613-01-00
transport tape zd.225-614-01-00
journal zd.231-641-BE-01
male contact zd.245-567-01-00
male contact zd.245-566-01-00
toothed belt zd.235-958-01-00
pin base zd.236-401-01-00
stop zd.243-756-01-00
distance sleeve zd.285-422-02-00
sleeve position 3 za2.248-388-01-00
pin zd.287-159-01-00
driver ring zd.287-426-02-00
nut zd.2151-544-01-00
round belt polycard zd.2161-132-00-01
eccentric zd.2144-482-BG-01
pin 00.500.0076
pin 00.500.0502
pin 00.500.0322

pin 00.500.0014
screw 00.500.0262
pin 00.500.0635
screw 00.500.0621
pin 00.500.0134
pin 00.500.0797
pin 00.500.0103
pin 00.500.0007
pin 00.500.0619
pin 00.500.0592
timing belt 00.540.1238
toothed belt 00.580.1531
belt T10-1880
belt T10-1080 215285
screw 00.250.0079
sealing washer 00.250.0192
pin 00.500.0526
pin 00.500.0075
screw 00.500.0590
pin 00.500.0451
countersunk screw 00.500.0220
pin 00.500.0127
screw 00.500.0827
pin 00.500.0058
screw 00.500.0193
pin 00.500.0366
screw 00.500.0188

pin 00.500.0017
tapered pin 00.510.0216
headless screw 00.510.0612
circlip 00.510.0536
washer 00.510.0030
washer 00.510.0357
circlip 00.510.0108
washer 00.510.0444
pin 00.500.0251
pin 00.500.0564
pin 00.500.0807
pin 00.500.0289
pin 00.500.0079
pin 00.500.0275
screw 00.500.0198
pin 00.500.0008
pin 00.500.0081
pin 00.500.0018
pin 00.500.0353
pin 00.500.0003
countersunk screw 00.500.0167
screw 00.500.0575
pin 00.500.0056
pin 00.500.0458
circlip 72 x 2.5 00.510.0127
washer 00.510.0443
circlip 00.510.0609

circlip 00.510.0246
hex screw 00.520.0372
headless screw 00.520.0744
washer 00.520.2123
headless screw 00.520.1042
screw 00.520.0574
headless screw 00.520.0034
nut 8mm 00.520.1728
screw 00.520.0512
headless screw 00.520.1431
screw 00.520.2601
screw 00.520.1582
headless screw 00.510.0485
retainer plate 00.510.0638
headless screw 00.510.0077
circlip 00.510.0235
headless screw 00.510.0074
screw cap 00.510.0516
headless screw 00.510.0529
hex nut 00.510.0491
headless screw 00.510.0563
washer 00.510.0546
circlip 00.510.0109
tapered pin 00.510.0036
tab lock 00.510.0311
allen screw 00.520.2982
allen screw 00.520.1062

allen screw 00.520.0285
washer 00.520.2361
hex screw 00.520.1293
headless screw 00.520.0006
headless screw 00.520.0032
hex screw 00.520.0321
allen screw 00.520.2218
hex screw 00.520.0523
screw 00.520.1701
cup square bolt 00.520.0084
washer 00.520.1462
headless screw 00.520.1714
screw 00.520.1603
nut 00.520.2351
hex screw 00.520.1033

allen screw 00.520.0804
allen screw 00.520.2570
hex screw 00.520.0745
hex screw 00.520.0387
hex nut 00.520.0428
threaded stud 00.520.0536
hex screw 00.520.0607
nut 00.520.0913
headless screw 00.520.1823
hex screw 00.520.0365

headless crew 00.520.0448
headless screw 00.520.0036
nut 8mm 00.520.0510
threaded stud 00.520.0432
hex nut 00.520.0048
screw 00.520.1321
pin 00.530.0064
washer 00.530.0324
hollow pin 00.530.0372

pin 00.530.1068
nut 00.530.0106
hollow pin 00.530.0327
hollow pin 00.530.1120
washer 00.530.1004
screw 00.520.2281
hex screw 00.520.1727
nut 00.520.1938
headless screw 00.520.2327
washer 00.520.2051
washer 00.520.1552
screw 00.520.2487
washer 00.520.1741
washer 00.520.1910
headless screw 00.520.1440
headless screw 00.520.1850

hex screw 00.520.0400
washer 00.520.2403
allen screw 00.520.0589
circlip 00.520.1722
countersunk screw 00.540.1070
washer 00.540.1024
screw 00.540.1275
key 00.540.0434
allen screw 00.540.1054
key 00.540.1258
ball 00.540.1111
washer 00.540.0633
screw 00.540.1601
screw 00.540.0432
allen screw 00.540.0796
screw 00.540.0412
tapered pin 00.540.0126
collar 00.540.1791

hollow pin 00.530.0571
oil seal 00.530.0170

bushing 00.530.0691
bushing 00.530.1197
pin 00.530.0535
washer 00.530.0782
washer 00.530.0349

washer 00.530.0784
pin 00.530.1267
countersunk screw 00.540.1539
allen screw 00.540.0211
screw 00.540.0765
ALLEN SCREW 00.540.0077
allen screw 00.540.0073
allen screw 00.540.1032
rivet 00.540.0510
screw 00.540.0795
drain plug 00.540.0262
washer 00.540.1117
allen screw 00.540.0161
allen screw 00.540.1236
countersunk screw 00.540.0703
pin 00.540.0408
safety washer 00.540.0930
safety washer 00.540.0383
countersunk screw 00.540.0947
allen screw 00.540.1200
key 00.540.0197
key 00.540.0031
screw 00.540.0516
allen screw 00.540.1145
ball 00.540.1650
washer 00.540.0343
safety washer 00.540.1022

screw 00.540.0767
sleeve 00.540.1170
screw 00.540.1362
hollow pin 00.540.0240
screw 00.540.0780
safety washer 00.540.0679
fuse/wire clamp c7.170.0712
countersunk screw 00.540.1579
screw 00.540.0801
gasket 00.550.0483
washer 00.550.0446
gasket 00.550.0186
washer 00.550.0589
washer 00.550.1219
washer 00.550.1880
retainer ring 00.550.0401
gasket 00.550.1217
retainer ring 00.550.0373
retainer ring 00.550.1510
retainer ring 00.550.0413
distance pin 00.580.5402
safety washer 00.580.0914
cap 00.580.1758
o-seal 00.580.0274
washer 00.580.5616
bushing 00.580.1420
bushing 00.580.0594

o-seal 00.580.6819
clamping element 00.580.5220
cable grommet 00.580.5901
magnet 00.580.5558
o-seal 00.580.0863
o-seal 00.580.4796
plug 00.580.2170
bushing 00.580.0790
screw 00.580.4441
o-ring 00.580.0188
pin 00.580.4138
screw 00.580.1866
O-RING 00.580.0149
washer 00.580.4545
washer 00.580.1133
washer 00.580.3967
gasket 00.580.2067
plug 00.580.5709
cutting ring 00.580.4471
circlip 00.580.0575

v-shape ring 00.580.0681
o-seal 00.580.1225
o-seal 00.580.0267
bushing 00.580.1138
knurled nut 00.580.5560
cover 00.580.4532

buffer 00.580.3251
nut 00.580.4382
o-seal 00.580.4353
fuse cap 00.580.4032
plug 00.580.2128
o-seal 00.580.2174
O-RING 00.580.0487
cap 00.580.3514
o-seal 00.580.6131
screw 00.580.5385
retainer plug 00.580.0883
o-seal 00.580.5448
gasket 00.580.0110
o-seal 00.580.0890
o-seal 00.580.2146
o-seal 00.580.0496
o-seal 00.580.6612
gasket 00.580.3056
cover disc 00.580.0670
screw 00.580.6714
sucker 00.580.5331
compression spring 00.580.5829
o-seal 00.580.0468
male socket 00.580.2824
washer 00.580.0363
plate 00.580.2867
o-ring 00.580.5672

rubber disc 00.591.0242
gasket 00.591.0158
set collar 00.600.0271
hex screw 00.600.0192
grease nipple 00.600.0131
grease nipple 00.600.0119
knurled screw a1.017.703/01
pin a1.010.057/04
pin a1.010.008/04
pin a1.010.009/07
roller a1.030.609
screw c4.006.642
shim c4.011.067
pin c2.144.1423
pin c6.415.809
pin c4.005.262/02
washer c4.313.403
o-seal c5.721.522
screw c6.015.805/B
washer c4.021.008
adjusting spindle g2.010.036/02
sleeve g2.015.546
washer g2.582.531/01
shim g2.072.905/03
washer g2.006.034
shim g2.072.048/03
shim g2.583.387/02

adjusting spindle g2.010.047/02
washer g2.582.522/01
shim g2.072.113/01
shim g2.072.065/03
headless screw g2.431.204
washer g2.582.521/01
washer g2.582.527/01
washer g2.582.517/01
shim g2.072.064/03
screw g2.022.011/01
washer g2.582.514/01
washer g2.582.529/01
washer g2.582.526/01
washer g2.582.533/01
bam module 4m.144.9116/02
touch sensitive screen m5.146.9208/02
connecting cable 510375
washer g2.582.528/01
washer g2.582.520/01
washer g2.582.530/01
washer g2.582.532/01
washer g2.582.515/01
washer g2.582.519/01
washer g2.582.516/01
washer g2.014.112/01
washer g2.582.518/01
pin g2.731.145/01

shim g2.072.114
washer g2.582.560
pull guide quickmaster
headless screw g2.031.502
pull guide quicmaster di mv.038.167/
pin g2.016.247
pin g2.010.051/01
male contact g2.144.8599/01
shim g2.072.045
pin g2.007.505
socket g2.033.029
male contact g2.144.8699/01
washer g6.583.334/01
screw L4.814.266
collar L2.016.223
screw L4.017.218/03
pin L2.013.054
pin L2.205.048/03
pin L2.022.233/08
gasket m2.205.323/01
washer m3.582.516/01
washer m3.582.517/01
washer m3.582.515/01
washer m3.040.247
washer m2.030.563

washer m5.407.668
screw m2.013.008
washer m3.006.669
cover disc m2.072.211
shim 0.1 mm m1.072.241
shim 0.05 mm m2.010.124
shim 0.1 mm m2.010.125
shim 0.3 mm m2.010.127
shim 0.15 mm m2.010.126
shim 0.5 mm m2.010.128
shim 0.5 mm m1.072.243
pin 22.011.016/E
circlip 22.030.077/02
washer 22.030.484
screw 22.013.011
washer 22.030.011/A
pin 42.431.186/A
socket 42.015.323
pin 42.022.110
pin 42.431.188
pin 93.015.108/01A
pin 87.334.006/01
washer 71.010.026/01
washer 66.072.121
screw 00.500.0199

connecting cable c4.147.2051/01
connecting cable g4.145.9118/02
transfer gripper 42.011.027
swivel head zd.2241-981-05-00
transfer gripper 42.110.027
hose nozzle zd.2241-323-03-00
fuse holder zd.330090703
chain zd.430010310-720
cover zn.000475199
tappet zn.650716082
roller zn.651112195
flat belt 1350x38x1.5 zn.656540021
flat belt zn.658527082
flat belt 2620x24x1.5 zn.658755161
washer za2.200-557-04-00
screw za2.222-416-02-00
screw za2.222-416-01-00
pin za2.200-536-03-00
headless screw 228-452-01-00
washer zd.200-639-01-00
screw zd.200-509-10-00
washer zd.200-638-02-00

plug zd.211-548-02-00
guide plate zd.2140-913-02-00
knob zd.200-122-02-00
set collar zd.200-143-05-00
guide plate complete zd.213-325-bg-05
screw 42.431.209
pin 52.580.237/01
pin 69.030.595
headless screw 71.009.047
o-seal 91.117.1341
washer 81.633.319
washer 81.633.232
hex screw 00.520.0839
allen screw 00.540.0074
washer 00.580.2300
chain guide c6.014.961
chain guide c6.014.991
shaft BV.013.0855/01
chain 00.540.1381
cheese head screw 00.520.2373
carbon brush holder za3.210605
dampening roller

spring support 93.030.016/M02
control arm mv.018.824
pin mv.025.596/07
bolt mv.025.406

water gasket mv.027.163
swivel lever o.s.

shell end brackets 73.215.703
spring screw MV.103.758/01
temperature regulator MU.2010664
ah 00.783.0503/02
claw 41.006.233/K01
pneumatic spring zd.2241-226-31-00
pneumatic spring 00.580.4511
union piece 66.849.009F
pull rail c5.072.627/01
feed table plate 68.890.075/ko2
pneumatic spring 00.580.5786

shaft complete (front
shaft complete 58.022.313/e
shaft 43.022.111f/01
Lay Guide 43.022.111f/02
lifting sucker complete
guide pin 89.028.050/m01
housing 63.016.101/B
gripper 52.581.827F/K01
sheet seperator holder 66.028.105F/A

twin plastic lifting
sucker nozzle 41.028.409/K01
spring for chain delivery
‘K’ series
Paper Spring for Lifting
Sucker 66.028.010/C
governor foot 66.028.075F/01
roller MV.017.098
feeder brush soft white 66.020.122
sheet seperator g2.028.1305
cable cp2000 c4.147.2045/02
BIN 8 QTY 1 08.011.036
pin M4.015.451/01
spring lever 66.072.214/01
circular brush complete 66.891.005F/K01
sheet smoother d/s 53.849.020F/A
leaf spring 53.849.021

connecting cable g5.145.7015
oil connection line 02.250.0906

interruptor nzm6-100 c7.170.0401
electronic kit 81.146.1021/01
light bulb 71.186.3596
Relay 47.110.135
aee01361 laser 00.785.0525/03
SENSOR G2.110.1591/02
Voltmeter 109011
Limit Switch M2.145.1182
Limit Switch 91.145.1041

Capacitor 91.145.1081
Sensor A4.110.1391
SENSOR G2.122.1311/03
Sensor C6.126.1041
ideb2 computerboard 00.785.1043/04
Sensor G2.110.1441/A
electronica aiob23 00.785.1155/01
Reversible Spring 017981
module pdcm 00.785.0244/09
Covering C5.028.175
pressure regulator f2.018.250/04
Cooling Tube M2.102.1991
Round Belt 00.580.2314
Control Panel 00.780.0877
Sensor G2.110.1341/02A
contactor abb s202 13a l6.170.0984/
brudh holders 62.102.1912
weko box 47.110.131u
Level Sensor M2.196.1526
circuit breaker 53.144.3471
sensor 00.780.3079
Contact for light push
button 00.780.3520
Power Supply Unit 91.110.141
Amp meter Alcolor 00.780.1986
small button control 81.186.1337
motor circuit breaker 00.780.2032

Interface for
alcohol/additives 63.196.1831
sensor A4.110.1571
sensor G2.110.1391
angle transmitter
ewm module a4.144.9124/02
Magnet G2.110.1392
Sensor A4.110.1591
Main Switch 16A 00.780.2026
switch 00.780.3719
Limit Switch 91.147.7371
polar display 058254
046061 assembly
switch 00.780.3382

feed table plate
backslashes very
important on this part
feed table plate 76.072.075/01
backslashes are
ink-repellant blanket 52.005.037/01B
chain 93.015.049F/D
side stop assembly 53.072.204/KO4
blue light only button 91.150.1361/01
Red Light Button 91.150.1351/01
selector switch 00.780.2331
Push button 00.780.2332
Push Light Button
Yellow Orange 81.186.3645/B
White Push Button 81.186.3633/B
cam 58.022.021

vibrator roller journal
sheet stop d.s. C4.522.835F/01
control lever 34.019.001
power supply Es31/5/9h 66.118.1313/A
sheet stop o.s. C4.522.836F/01
chain guide 93.014.045/01C
handle rod supporting

same as 66.010.315
Lever MV.019.662
Lever MV.019.663
lever 71.030.254/K01
suction drum MV.033.628
Dampening Roller Brake
KOR 0815
screw 07.009.050/A
positioning computer
76em v2.0 76ce-1
115em-e-10 016471
arv2.0 v3.3em/emc 029249
polar board 019853
cp6 v1.6.x-0 062490
polar board 040164
aclb-a-lmd board 00.779.1152
block 71.030.242F/K01
there is 3
71.030.242 there is 7
module kid2 v6.010 00.785.1272/
module dipm220 00.785.1161/04
stretching roller
complete MV.032.131
feeler rod MV.021.316
lever 42.022.126/ko1comp

suction slowdown
air connection 93.018.801f/B
metering device 63.196.1851
pneumatic cylinder 00.580.1015
powder tube complete 43.164.136
lever 69.013.001/01A
super blue 41.014.710F/B
super blue blanket G2.014.401F
ink-repellant blanket 71.005.028/01F
socket wrench 93.024.135F/B
vibrator roller journal
box MV.023.492
knife guard 054988
gripper bar support 71.005.011/K02

rotary tube MV.025.454
over-running clutch 63.008.526/K01
handle 66.012.062/K01